Tips to make easy food recipes

If you want easy food to make delicious then there are some tips are available to prepare the healthy food items which are healthy and people enjoys more variety of food items. On planning to trip you can prepare very easy meal and tips are available for breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other special occasion. People must eat the food which is nutritional and good for health and you can prepare the whole grain which is good and it can be mixed with other ingredients to make various recipes and you can make cutlet or stuffing or any other recipes. Using the grain you can make the various processes of food recipes such as flour or muffins or any other dietary food materials. The grains contain necessary minerals and vitamins which make the body more healthy and some raw foods items are available which helps in getting you in perfect shape. The raw food item recipes are available in the internet which helps you to have better healthy meal and it helps in reducing the fat from the body and clean the palate and the most favorite raw food recipes are celery, green leaves, grapes and curry which can be made along with olive oil and avocados. If you want to eat some low fat recipes then you have to prefer the chicken breast and onion and mix it with the olive and using the pan you can toast it and enjoy the eating which is delicious and commonly prepared in the home.

Easy and quick healthy recipes

Sweet chili bacon sarnie – the ingredient used in the bacon recipes are:

  • Lettuce
  • Bacon
  • Chili powder
  • Butter
  • Bread
  • Mayonnaise

The procedure to prepare the recipes is: you have to slice the bread and apply the butter on one side of the bread and apply the mayonnaise on other side of the bread. Cut the lettuce leafs and washes it completely which is used to cover it one side of the slice bread and place it aside.  Cook the bacon and lay it over the buttered bread and heat the bread in the pan on the butter side where the butter gets melt. The chili powder is drizzle over the bacon and covers it with the washed lettuce leaf place the bread down on to the lettuce leaf and the sandwich is prepared to eat. You can also use various ingredients instead of bacon to prepare different sandwich which is more delicious to eat.

Mini pizza – the ingredient needed to prepare are: onion, cheese, sliced bread, oregano, ham, tomato sauce and the procedure to prepare the mini pizza is – toast the bread and apply the tomato sauce over the bread equally and add the cheese over the sauce and spread the sliced onion. Sprinkle the oregano and toast the bread well and serve the prepared mini pizza which gives good taste and time taken to complete to prepare the recipes is very less.


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